1. Free, Online Teaching Tools for Colleges

    As a busy educator, you’ve got enough on your plate. When was the last time you took a step back to think about how you’re teaching, and whether or not your students are getting all they can out of your lectures?

  2. Actionable Learning Outcomes

    Developing learning outcomes is something that many educators struggle with. How do you set your students up for success and assess for understanding along the way?  Download Creating Actionable Learning Outcomes: a strategic resource that will teach you how to develop effective learning outcomes that bridge the gap from students’ prior knowledge to what you hope […]

  3. Free Download: PowerPoint Template and Resources

    Download your free PowerPoint lesson plan: a customizable, easy to use PowerPoint template that will help you plan your lectures. The template includes tips for professors on how to incorporate active learning during your lectures. Whether you’re new to teaching large lectures or a seasoned professor, our new PowerPoint slide template will help you bring […]

  4. Free Download: Lecture Plan Template and Resources

    Download your free Lecture Plan Template: a simple, one-page document that puts your students front and center, and helps you make intentional choices about the content you present in class. Use this free lecture plan template for all of your courses, or try it for one lecture. The Lecture Plan Template and Resources are part […]

  5. Lesson Plan Template

    Free Lecture Plan Innovative Teaching Tool to Organize Course Material Effectively Planning for your lectures is fundamental to being a successful educator. Top Hat’s team of instructional designers have created an easy-to-use and comprehensive lecture plan that will make planning for your course stress free, enjoyable but most importantly effective.  About this lecture plan This lecture […]

  6. Effective Assessment Methods

    Choosing the best assessment methods is something that many educators struggle with. How do you assess for understanding while making sure you remain aligned with your course and learning outcomes?  Download Effective Assessment Methods: a strategic resource that will teach you how to incorporate useful assessment strategies into your lecture. By further examining what you are […]

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