1. How to Teach With Insights

    In this new guide, we highlight how technology is being used in five college classrooms to create a participation-rich setting where professors can easily and regularly employ evaluations—and leverage the results of those assessments to help struggling students.

  2. Agile Teaching

    Agile Teaching Don’t be a stick in the mud. Improve student outcomes by nimbly addressing their needs in real time. The idea behind agile teaching is that we don’t get things perfect the first time. That learning—and mastery—is an iterative process. That a continuous feedback loop—learn/try/fail—is the fastest way to acquire knowledge and improve. For […]

  3. Transform your course with active learning in just 4 hours

    Our online course, ‘How to Implement Active Learning in Your Classroom’, will show you how. Add me to the course waitlist You love teaching—it’s time to level up with new pedagogical techniques Teaching students the traditional way no longer makes the grade. But were you ever really taught to teach in a way that reaches […]

  4. What Is Active Learning?

    In this short video explainer we explore the rise of active learning, its positive impact on student outcomes and demonstrate how technology has made it easier than ever to implement at scale

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