Flip Your Classroom & Increase Student Engagement

1. Students Are Busy, Flipping Helps!
Students these days are busy and being able to consume content on the fly is a big help in the learning process. Especially if they miss classes or have extracurricular events eating up their time.

There are a lot of activities on every campus and it’s a shame if a student has to choose between missing a class or participating in activities they commit to. By flipping your classroom, they don’t have to make that choice!

Students can work ahead, watch and re-watch content whenever they have time.


2. Consuming Content In One Run Is Hard
Many students can’t learn everything in one run through. It takes repetition in order to consume all of the content they need to learn. Students will be ecstatic to be able to pause, rewind and replay lectures to best fit the way they learn. Class time can be devoted to directly engaging each student as they need with group discussions or just asking questions about the content in the video lectures.


3. The Flipped Classroom Framework Fits With A Variety of Learning Styles
Flipped classrooms can benefit students across a wide range of learning abilities from the students who struggle to absorb material to the student that’s ahead of the curve. Having access to lectures and increased access to teachers in the classroom can benefit all students!


4. Flipped Classrooms Increase Student-Teacher Interaction
When you don’t have to lecture students during class time, you are able to spend more time with students in class. Now you can spend time helping students one-on-one or in small group discussions. You will have more time than before to interact with students rather than just lecture from the front of the room.


5. A Flipped Classroom Means You Get To Know Your Students Better
If you are spending more time in class with your students you are able to get to know them better and understand where they are struggling and with what part of the content.

You will get a much more intimate look at the learning challenges and successes of each student than you otherwise would have without flipping your classroom.


6. A Flipped Classroom is a Differentiated Classroom
Each student learns at a different rate. With video lectures students who understand a topic can speed through the video while those who struggle with a topic can replay the videos in order to understand it. In the classroom, the students who are struggling to grasp a topic will have an opportunity to work with you to understand the content while students who understand the content can move ahead.


7. Flipped Classrooms Means A Change in Classroom Management
Students that would normally create disturbances no longer have an audience since other students will be busy with activities and working in groups. Sometimes those students who used to disturb out of boredom are now too busy learning and engaging with the content to do so!

Want to get started with a flipped classroom? Top Hat can be a first step in engaging your students with the technology they are usually distracted with!

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